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  1. Students will come to school on time and be neatly dressed in full school uniform. All students must be in possession
    of their identity card at all times (during school hours)
  2. Running & playing (except during recess), whistling or shouting inside the school premises is forbidden. Students
    should not be out of class without permission. Perfect silence should be observed while changing classes.
  3. Walking or standing around the office area or visitor's lobby should be avoided.
  4. Girl students are not permitted to apply nail polish or Mehendi during school session. Nails are to be kept trimmed
    and clean.
  5. Bus monitors wil be appointed and shall be responsible for maintaining order in the bus.
  6. Care should be taken to keep the school buildings clean. Students should not write or scratch on desks, chairs, walls
    or doors nor should they damage property belonging to others.
  7. Students should not throw papers, bottle, cans etc, anywhere in the school premises. They should use the bins especially
    provided for this purpose.
  8. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without an out pass slip, duly signed by the Principal.
  9. Habitual late coming, irregular attendance, unjustified absence, wilful disobedience or conduct injurious to the tone and
    dicipline fo the school will be serivously dealt with.
  10. Rude, abusive or inappropriate language should not be used by any student.
  11. Mobile phone or games are not permissible and in case found, will be confiscated by the Principal.