Science Laboratory

The School has well equipped Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs, along with Language and Computer Labs. The labs are well equipped, ventilated with specimens, instruments and all necessary paraphernalia.

Library Facilities

The school has separate libraries for senior and primary sections with a collection of more than 8000 books and six Kindles for students of senior wing to make good use of e-books during library classes and to develop a healthy habit of reading.

Music and Art

The school has a music room with a number and variety of musical instruments.

Play-way Equipment

The school provides a separate playground for the primary section which provides all necessary equipments for recreation for the little tots.


The school auditorium, CCA Hall serves as a multipurpose Hall with enormous seating capacity. The construction of this new multipurpose hall acts like one large canopy providing well- equipped space suitable for a wide range of activities.

TAeL Facilities

The school has 10 classrooms with Smart boards or TAeL facilities to aid the teaching-learning process in the school.

CCTV / Children Safety Measures

The school campus is under CCTV Surveillance to ensure the safety of the inmates.
Teachers are assigned with special duties in the morning as well as in the afternoon to escort the students from the gates as well as to the buses respectively to make sure of the safe entry and exit of the students, in and out of the school.

Personal Hygiene

I. Water Facilities: The school provides safe drinking water facilities with a number of Aqua Guards which provide both cold and hot water for every season.
II. Sanitary Napkin Machine: The school has a wending machine, aided with incinerators for addressing the hygiene needs of the female students.

Resource Room

The School also provides its teachers with a resource room that has computer with 24 hrs internet facility.