School Rules & Regulations for Students

  1. Admission to the Army Public School Rangapahar is granted subject to the student’s acceptance of and compliance with all prevalent school rules in the form of a signed undertaking to this effect.
  2. All home assignments must be done regularly.
  3. Students must be punctual and regular. The student’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/she is absent for one month at a stretch without grant of leave.
  4. A minimum of 90% attendance is necessary for any student to take the Final Examination to be considered for promotion.
  5. Any student caught resorting to unfair means in an exam/test, will be awarded ‘zero’ mark in that subject for the first time and is liable for expulsion, if repeated.
  6. Students are expected to comport themselves in a manner befitting the status and sanctity of this institution. A student is liable for expulsion from school on any of the following grounds:
    1. Posession or consumption of alcohol, smoking/chewing tobacco, chewing gum or ingesting any illegal substance defined as narcotics or psychotropic under law.
    2. Stealing and ragging
    3. Displaying rowdy or unruly and delinquent behavior.
    4. Quarrelling/ indulging in violent/disruptive behavior.

Code of Conduct for Students

1. Article 269 – Dos.

a. Be respectful to your parents, teachers, staff of the school and elderly citizens.
b. Be punctual.
c. Be neat and clean.
d. Be humble in your success or victory.
e. Be honest, upright and truthful.
f. Be co-operative and exhibit team spirit for positive attitude and conduct.
g. Have and maintain exemplary behavior and show respect for the feelings of others.
h. Be patient, tolerant and secular.
i. Take pride in yourself, your school, your parents and your Nation.
j. Be courteous. Remember “Thank You” and “Please” are two very good words.
k. Be thankful to God for everything that He has given to you.
l. Believe in yourself and have courage. Remember God is with you always and everywhere.

2. Article 270 – Don’ts

a. Do not cause hurt by your words or deeds.
b. Do not be afraid to speak the truth or to accept a mistake.
c. Do not damage or disfigure property of your school or at home
d. Do not use abusive language.
e. Do not look down upon those who are less privileged, weak or physically challenged.
f. Do not ill-treat animals or birds.
g. Do not mock or ridicule on someone’s failure.
h. Do not pass castiest, anti-religious, or racial comments.
i. Do not be arrogant.
j. Do not copy or cheat.
k. Do not steal.

3. Article 271 – Forbidden Practices

a. Violence in any form.
b. Sex related offences.
c. Rude and disorderly behavior.
d. Smoking.
e. Use of drugs or intoxicants.
f. Any form of gambling.
g. Spitting in or near the school building except in any spittoon provide by the school.
h. Casteism, communalism and practice of untouchability.

4. Article 272 – Anybody found indulging in forbidden practices will be liable to strict disciplinary action.