School Lab comprises of three separate halls specified for three main branches i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each hall is quite spacious to accommodate 30 students at a time. The halls are well ventilated and have good lighting arrangement.
The laboratory is well equipped with the most modern and standard equipments. The apparatus are available in abundance. (Chemicals and specimens available are fresh and latest. Electron microscope, burettes, Paraffin wax Autoclave, Hot plate), Lachlanche Cell, Android Barometer, Meter bridge, Ammeter, Galvanometer, Simple and dissecting microscope, Models of human eye, brain, intestine, human dosso, Specimen like shark, starfish, lichen, herd mania are some of the equipments and specimens available in the lab.
Experiments like Sclerenchyma, Parenchyma of human cheek cells, find the PH of Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate,Light tracing through prism and glass slab, preparation of true solution, colliodal solution, suspension mixture compound etc. are conducted in the school as per the NCERT syllabus.

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