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National Cadet Corps (NCC) has been the frontal youth organisation of our nation and also the largest youth organisation with more than 13 lakhs cadet. since its initiation under the ncc act 1948,the organisation has been successful in achieving unity,discipline and leadership potentiality among the youth.
Army public school rangapahar is the privileged to have half troops boys and girls namely 24nl(i)coy ncc,kohima boys and girls under kohima group.kohima group comes under the northeast region (ner) directorate of ncc,ncc cadets are further divided into division boys (jd),junior wing girls (jw),senior division boys (sd) and senior wing girls (sw).


The annual activities of NCC at APS Rangapahar started in the year 2016 for boys with the new enrollment of 25 boys cadets whereas we were authorised with 50 vacancies for jd the year 2017-18,the enrollment were 26 jd boys the year 2018-19,the enrollment were 28 jd boys the year 2019-20,the enrollment were 29 jd boys cadets. in the year 2020-21,the enrollment were 10 jw girls cadet and 40 jd boys cadet.

Social Act:

Social service activities is a part of the training of ncc under the group commanding officer of kohima group and the commanding officer of 24nl(i)coy,ncc kohima and active cooperation of the administrative body,principal faculties,staff members of the school.various social service were organised within the school premises.

Camps NCC:

Camps is the most important part of the ncc activity because a ncc cadet will not be eligibleto appear their ncc ‘a’,’b’ and ‘c’ certificate.if they don’t attend ncc camps. Camp attended:
i. Annual training camp (atc) attended by 8 jd cadets of apsr at livingstone higher secondary school, dimapur in the year 2018 from 20th july,organised by 24nl(i)coy ncc,kohima.
ii. Combine annual training camp (catc) attended by 5 jd cadets at livingstone hr.sec. School,dimaour from 3rd july 2019-12th july 2019 organised by 1st nagaland girls batalian ncc kohima.
iii. Combine annual training camp (catc) attended by 3 jd cadet boys at indra gandhi stadium kohima from 1st february 2020-10th february 2020 organised by 24 nl(i)coy ncc,kohima.


Various advantages given to NCC Cadets
i. ARMY:32 vacancies in every regular course of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) are reserved for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders who have passsed the CDSE and have been declared successful by the service selection board.
ii. NAVY:The indian navy offers permanent commission in the executive branch to graduates with NCC ‘C’ Certificate.
iii. AIR FORCE:The Indian Air Force offers permanent commission in the flying branch to science graduates with NCC ‘C’ certificate.

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